Warrantee & Theft Protection

One of the many uses for QR codes is warrantee information. The QR code is placed on the Industrial or Household appliance. The QR code can be placed on any new manufactured or re-manufactured product like appliances, tools, accessories, new/replacement parts etc. Information is stored in the cloud, so it is always available. When warrantee work is needed, you simply scan the QR code and all of the warrantee information is at your finger tips.
Some of the information you would want to include is: The date of purchase, policy numbers, company information for warrantee work with phone numbers. Also, numbers and photo for identification when numerous models/color were made.

Warrantee QR TV
$10 for 2 years

The QR code can be placed in an inconspicuous place on the back or side of the appliance, using our QR adhesive sticker.

By scanning the QR Code, you will have the information on your phone, and with one click, you will be able to email the paperwork directly to your own printer.

The information you fill in below will be on the QR Warrantee Site, and show up when you scan the code.

Below is the sample of your phone, when you scan the QR code on your appliance.

Sample of your phone, when you scan the QR code on your appliance.
Fill in the information below. You will QR WARRANTEE DECALS will be mailed within 24 hours

Nickname of appliance:

Serial Number:

Model Number:



Warrantee Co.:

Phone number:

Purchaser Name:

Purchaser Phone:

Date Of Purchase:

Store Purchased: