Safety Equipment & Helmets

Motorsports, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Hard Hats, Football HelmetsIf you were laying on the ground, barely conscious,
could you give information to the first responders?

Your ICE QR Safety Decal can talk for you!!

An adhesive QR I.C.E. Decal is placed on the helmet or other safety
equipment. This QR code has all necessary Information
for the paramedics or other emergency personnel.

And the In Case Of Emergency Card for your wallet, when you are not wearing the helmet!!

QR code 1” for easy scanning. Includes Red Cross and I.C.E. notice.


Sample Scan Screen

Club or Manufacturer Logo’s included
(with permission)
In Case Of Emergency Card

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If you would rather have your QR code decal inside your helmet, put this “I.C.E. INSIDE” DECAL on the outside, so the first responder will know that your information is inside the helmet.

Note: In most cases, paramedics are not allowed to remove the helmet. The helmet must be removed by a doctor at the hospital. While it is still important for the doctor to have easy access to your information, we strongly recommended that the QR code is on the outside of the helmet, with easy access.