How To Use The QR Code

on your other advertisements and business cards


You can make your ad almost as big as you want.


But this is very important. You must have WHITE SPACE around the code.


The end of the ad is NOT the black border.

it is the imaginary white border around it.


The white border must be at least as THICK as the black border.


See the examples below of how to use the code.

This code will work fine.
It also give the customer info on the code.
Also the instruction for use.

This code will work fine.
It has white space around the code,
equal the black border.

This code will PROBABLY
NOT work at all.
NO white around the black border.
Whether it works depends upon the color of the background and the lighting when it is scanned.
Why take a chance, use a white border.

You may have seen Macyês
QR code on TV or in there stores


They shaped it like a star, and the whole thing looks like a QR code.


But, in fact, the only part of the QR that works is what is inside the white border, in the center of the star.