QR Codes are everywhere. Last year, Americans scanned QR codes every month.Each month the number of people scanning codes go up more than 250%. Most mobile phones, now come with scanning software built in. Nearly 100 million Smart phones in the US. The most cost effective way to maximize your marketing dollars. Works with ANY other marketing plan.

Give Customers The Best QR experience, or they will never scan your code again.

  • Fast to Load – A website designed for mobile will load in about 4 seconds, while
    a desktop site can take up to 40 seconds or more to load on a mobile device.
  • Mobile sites have a higher conversion rate, approximately twice that of a desktop. Get connected and stay connected with your new
    mobile website.
  • Mobile web traffic will surpass desktop (and laptop) web traffic by 2014.
  • A whopping 52% of mobile users are unlikely to return to your site if they have trouble accessing it from their phone.
  • Less than 2% of businesses have mobile-friendly websites.
  • A Manage Your QR mobile site comes a Control Panel that allows you to manage
    your own content. You can add unlimited content, publish events, specials, coupons and interact with customers using social media.


Why does your business need mobile marketing?

Consumers are using their phones to access the internet more and more. It is one of the fastest growing tools ever. Mobile phones come in two basic types: Regular phones and Smart phones. A smart phone can make calls, take pictures, and access the internet, write emails, and so much more. Smart phones are becoming so much more popular that soon every phone will have that ability, and the word Smart will be eliminated from the vocabulary. This day is getting closer.

Why would you ASK your customer to shop elsewhere? By not having a mobile presence, that is exactly what you are doing. You are missing out!! Ignoring
mobile advancements is the same as ignoring your website, and putting a strangle hold on your business.

Phones have a higher redemption rate than desk computers. More sales, mean more profit. Americans are spending more and more time on the internet, on their mobile devices. Upwards of three hours a day. You must get your business involved to keep you customers happy . Not having an optimized site will surely lead to loss of business.

In the years before computers, all businesses needed a yellow page ad, and an occasional newspaper ad. TV or Radio if you could afford it. Things have changed. The number of people that get their news on paper is far less. With people multi-tasking, watching TV while working on the computer, makes it even harder to reach your audience. And when was the last time you looked up a number in the phone book. The advertising industry has changed. What used to work for all business now works for a handful. Last year, over 500,000,000 people went online using a mobile device. This number is doubling every few years. Smart phones also allow your customer to access all of their social media. Facebook Twitter, etc. which is even more reason that smart phone sales are skyrocketing. The bottom line is, more people are choosing to access Mobile websites than desktop websites every day. And more people are using their phone to access YOUR phone optimized site.

By 2014, mobile usage will exceed desktop usage for all internet services. PC sales have slumped to record lows and Smart phone sales are doubling each day.

Mobile Marketing is probably the best value for your advertising dollar right now. Mobile Marketing will take a small print ad, and increase its size, by the size of your mobile site. Having a low cost mobile website, is the best way to get your customer to find you on the go, check your specials, find directions, call you with one touch dial, get involved with your store, leading to retaining more customers.
Most people carry their phone with them, which leads them to use it more often to check out your mobile site. Need information? Look in the phone book, or grab your mobile phone?? Mobile Marketing is perfect for today’s world.

The number of companies that do not have a mobile site is staggering. And people will not return to your site, if they do not enjoy the experience. When person goes to a “desktop site” on a mobile phone and they are finger stretching the screen trying to scroll side to side, it is easier to click off and go to your competitor site. Mobile phones are not only for the rich and famous anymore. Everyone has them, even kids. And with more and more hot spots, people are using their phones more and more on the go. Are you there, when they are looking for you? Is your site optimized yet?


QR codes, strange as they look, are one of the best marketing tools available today. QR stands for "Quick Response". QR code has capabilities that are far superior to bar codes and perfect for marketing purposes.The QR code was originally created back in 1994 in Japan by a subsidiary of Toyota. The purpose was to help track auto part inventory. But because of the ability of QR codes to store large amounts of information, soon they were being used to store customer data, shipping data, product numbers, quantities, etc., all within a single code. Toyota allowed other companies to use the codes and eventually, marketers in Japan began to take notice of the QR code and saw it's potential as a marketing tool.In Japan, QR codes are EVERYWHERE. And have become an integral part of marketing there. In Japan, phones come pre-loaded with a QR code reader. The QR code reader app uses the phone's camera to scan and read the code. The rest of the world is catching up quickly.

A QR reader can scan the code and take that phone to any page on the world wide web. That, in itself is a very powerful marketing tool for businesses.

As a business, you can print your QR code on just about anything and it can link anyone with a smart phone to your online presence, no matter where they are, no computer or internet connection needed. A QR code can also be used to automatically send an email, text, phone call watch a video and so much more

QR codes can be the most useful marketing tool you have, next to a smile!