QR Code Management

ManageYourQR.com is a great one-stop shop QR campaign management. Every type of business can benefit from a QR code management system. ManageYourQR.com can get a mobile site live instantly.

These mobile sites are completely customized to your business, with unlimited text, one-click buttons to dozens of pages, and pictures. Your QR code management is important, and can be professionally done in a cost effective way.

A QR code management system can be less expensive than a print ad campaign. QR codes can and should also be added into other advertising campaigns, such as flyers, print ads, and billboards. QR Codes are everywhere, and their applications are numerous. These little black and white squares are the ultimate mobile application marketing tools, allowing Smartphone users to get information on the go. ManageYourQR.com has everything necessary to create a custom QR code, and the mobile website that it leads to.

This is a complete QR code management system. Well informed QR campaign management is a must for any business owner. ManageYourQR.com’s QR code management system can reach countless people, because it takes very little to get a QR code into the public eye once it is created. QR codes can also be used for schools, non-profit organizations, and even churches.

In the U.S., there are over 100 million smart phones. Each month, the number of people scanning QR codes increases by 250%. By the year 2014, mobile web usage will have surpassed desktop usage. This is why having good QR code campaign management is so important. Due to this increase, people using traditional marketing tools will fall behind in sales, while those with mobile marketing tools like QR codes will increase sales.

ManageYourQR.com can help businesses and non-profit organizations get information out to potential clients by allowing easy access to mobile sites. Business owners may benefit from having their QR code on business cards, flyers, and even product packaging. QR codes can turn a first time customer into a repeat customer.

QR code campaign management can be as easy as a special each month, or as complex as changing specials each day. Changing the destination of a QR code is easy, so there is never any delay in getting your message to your customers. Why spend thousands on a site developer, only to pay more each time you need to make a change? ManageYourQR.com puts you in control of the content of your mobile site.

Want to know where your QR code is being scanned? How about what type of phone was used? All of this and more is available in the analytics section of your mobile site subscription, and is an integral part of QR campaign management. When looking for the best QR code management system, look no further than ManageYourQR.com.

With ManageYourQR.com’s QR management system, it takes only minutes to custom design a mobile site perfect for your business. Mobile websites are on the rise. The industries seeing the most new activity on their mobile sites are entertainment, business, and restaurants. This is because the customers looking for services are on the go! Seeing an attractive ad with a QR code makes getting more information quick and easy for potential customers.