QR Code Generator

Looking for a QR code generator with analytics? Look no further than ManageYourQR.com. This service provides the best in Quick Response Code Applications. Want to know where your QR code is being scanned? How about what type of phone was used? All of this and more is available in the analytics section of your mobile site subscription.

More and more of mobile phone users have web-enabled phones. And 85% of local searches are done on a smart phone.

This means that your customers are out scanning Quick Response codes. With ManageYourQR.com analytics, you can find out where your QR code is being scanned, when it is scanned, and how it was scanned. Information about customers is valuable to business owners. The QR code generator with analytics that ManageYourQR.com provides is a great tool for marketing strategists.

Quick Response code applications are gaining new ground every day as innovative thinkers come up with new ways to use them. Quick Response Codes are everywhere, and their applications are numerous. These little black and white squares are the ultimate mobile application marketing tools, allowing Smartphone users to get information on the go. ManageYourQR.com has everything necessary to create a custom QR code, and the mobile website that it leads to.

Each month, the number of people scanning Quick Response codes increases by 250%. Quick Response code applications include advertising specials on basic services, such as tire rotations or oil changes in an auto shop; special sales on a specific day, such as romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day for retail shops; even Happy Hour or lunch specials for restaurants. A business with promotions or contests can apply their Quick Response codes to this purpose as well. One quick scan and customers are entered into your promotion or contest. You also have a new customer that can receive other promotions to urge them back to your business.

ManageYourQR.com makes it easy to access QR code analytics, so you will always know where to aim your next Quick Response code application. Mobile sites are on the rise, because customers are mobile. Non-profit organizations such as schools and churches have uses for Quick Response code applications, as well, because QR codes can lead to any mobile web application. Enormous amounts of information can be stored by a Quick Response code.

With ManageYourQR.com, you get a QR code generator with full analytics, so you know what your customers need. This helps to identify what Quick Response code applications to attach to your site. ManageYourQR.com’s QR code analytics provide inside information about your customers, making it easy for any business to get into the mobile marketing niche. The industries seeing the most new activity on their mobile sites are entertainment, business, and restaurants. This is because the customers looking for services are on the go, rather than sitting at home with their desktop computer.

QR code analytics on mobile sites mean that any business has the ability to flourish in this new market. With so many options for Quick Response code applications, why not go to the experts at ManageYourQR.com?