QR Code Applications

Quick Response Codes,also known as QR codes, are everywhere, and their applications are numerous. These little black and white squares are the ultimate mobile application marketing tools, allowing Smartphone users to get information on the go. ManageYourQR.com has everything necessary to create a custom QR code, and the mobile website that it leads to.

Business owners may benefit from having a Quick Response code on business cards, flyers, and even product packaging. In-store displays with QR codes for special coupons are another great mobile application marketing tool. Potential customers can scan the QR code to get more information about the services and products offered. This marketing tool for mobile applications can reach countless people, because it takes very little to get a Quick Response code into the public eye once it is created. Quick Response codes can also be used for schools, non-profit organizations, and even churches.

In the U.S., there are over 100 million smart phones. Each month, the number of people scanning Quick Response codes increases by 250%. By the year 2014, mobile web usage will have surpassed desktop usage. This is why having mobile application marketing tools is so important. Due to this increase, people using traditional marketing tools will fall behind in sales, while those with mobile application marketing tools will increase sales.

ManageYourQR.com can help businesses and non-profit organizations get information out to potential clients by allowing easy access to mobile sites. These mobile application marketing tools can be placed in print ads, on business cards, and on signage, including billboards.

Other Quick response Code applications include specials on basic services, such as tire rotations or oil changes in an auto shop; special sales on a specific day, such as romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day for retail shops; even Happy Hour or lunch specials for restaurants. A business with promotions or contests can apply their Quick Response codes to this purpose as well. One quick scan and a customer is entered into your promotion or contest. You also have a new customer that can receive other promotions to urge them back to your business.

Be assured that your competition is taking full advantage of mobile application marketing tools and quick response code applications. If you do not make use of them as well, your business will lose out to the competition. ManageYourQR.com can take your business to your customers, rather than waiting for them to come to you.

If a potential customer can scan a Quick Response code for a new restaurant while out on the town, they may make a quick reservation if that service is provided on the mobile site the QR code brings them to. The possibilities are endless with ManageYourQR.com! Use your QR code in any and all advertising that the customer might see, when they are not in front of their computer. Put your QR code in advertising, brochures, on your product, on your invoices and receipts.

Customizable buttons on mobile sites mean that any business has the ability to flourish in this new market. Over 85% of mobile phone users have web-enabled phones. People use mobile devices to get directions, make reservations, and more, all on the go. A mobile site from ManageYourQR.com can give customers turn-by-turn directions to your location, even if they are across town when they scan your QR code. This leads customers and their money right to your door.