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With more and more of the people having mobile phones, even if you have a great desktop website, you still need a mobile site. The trouble with desktop sites is that they are meant to be viewed on a 17″ monitor. On a 2″ screen, that attractive and efficient site becomes an exercise in useless frustration! Finger sliding is annoying, and inputting information is awkward. has developed innovative mobile phone website builder software to solve these problems. A mobile site shows up well on a 2″ screen, because it is situated vertically. Scrolling down to get more information is easy. The font size is appropriate to the screen size, and the site is meant to be used by a touch screen user. Your new mobile site can be live less than 17 minutes after creation. has a completely customized experience waiting for any business owner. Although professionally designed mobile sites look difficult, you do not need to pay a mobile website builder exorbitant fees to get a great mobile site. makes it easy to get your site in a mobile format. Why spend thousands on a mobile site builder, only to pay more each time you need to make a change?

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