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So many ways to use that little QR code!!
From Advertising to Medical Information that can save your life.

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Build Your Mobile Website

Put QR Code on all of your print advertising. Customers are directed to your Manage Your QR Mobile Website.. Build Your Own Mobile Website in minutes for less than .35 per day, very affordable. No Programming-No Experience-Easy To Edit Create A Text Club too!

Your Medical Information

For Safety Equipment / Medical Wallet Card SECONDS TO SAVE A LIFE!! A QR Decal or Wallet Card can be scanned for full medical information to talk for you, when you can't speak. Include your Blood type, Emergency Contact, Allergies, Medical Conditions, Insurance info. Easily edit information.

Pet Finder

Does your dog wander? QR code on the collar is scanned. Info includes: Dog’s name, your phone, vet’s contact info. Anyone can scan QR and call you. Only a vet can scan implanted tags.

Warrantee / Theft Protection

Put QR Code on your appliances, equipment, tools. Record warrantee and owner information. All information, including: Serial numbers, contact info, dates, model, track supply chain/owner transfers and more. All reachable with one quick scan. Always Available

Personal People Finder Temporary Child Safety Tattoos

Do you have Senior Relatives or Children that frequently get lost or can't remember where to go or who to call? Dementia? Alzheimer? Autism? And more? A QR Decal, Tattoo, Necklace or Wallet Card can easily identify them and help bring a loved one home.