Text or Email


The customer wants to send you an email. With this feature, it only takes ONE CLICK to send it. Many times the customer looking at your site has a quick question, but it may be after hours. They may not remember to call you the next day, so this feature really solves the problem. With ONE CLICK, the program brings up their email program on their phone. They write the email and send it off instantly.
A real time saver.


Instant Text. The button brings up the customers TEXT program. If it is convenient to you to accept texts, this can be a real time saver. A quick text is faster than a phone call. Customer can send a text asking if an item is in-stock, or find out your hours, or make an appointment. The fact is; that most people under age 30 grew up with texts and would rather TEXT than talk. Make it easy for them with this feature.