Mobile Coupon

People everywhere like to feel like they are getting a deal. Coupons have been giving people that feeling for over a hundred years. It’s a tangible thing you can hold on to and use and it works and feels like a currency. This is a great advantage to mobile websites. A person can scan your code and end up with a coupon for your company on their phone. However sometimes coupon creation can be costly. There’s cost for putting your coupons somewhere, like a newspaper or a grocery receipt, or just printing alone. Not to mention that you can’t change a coupon once it’s printed.

Mobile coupons offer a far superior means of distributing coupons and delivering results. A mobile coupon, by definition, is a coupon that can be sent to and stored on a mobile device. By delivering a coupon through today’s favored medium, you can be confident that your coupon will be seen by your target market. Because their mobile phone is always in close proximity, your coupon is always with your customer, ready for use. And if your business already uses coupons to increase sales, consider this: mobile coupons have redemption rates ten times higher than print coupons.

However, hand someone a coupon that changes as your specials change on a device they are already carrying and you change the game completely!

Coupon usage on cell phone media is a different entity than just normal couponing. In a normal coupon life, it’s printed, and used, possibly given away and then used. However cell phone related coupons can not only be used by the original person, but then they can email or give them to anyone who they think would benefit or use them! Imagine with one coupon you could reach dozens of end users.

Using cell phone marketing and QR codes for your coupon campaign alone more than pays for itself in long term benefits. It’s one of the most cost effective ways you can get your name out there. As a business, you are constantly endeavoring to use your marketing budget efficiently to reach new customers and see tangible results. Mobile coupons allow you to do all of that. Implementing a mobile coupon campaign is extremely easy with our robust mobile coupon platform. We’ll even let you try it out free for the first month. We are confident that you will see the tremendous benefits that mobile coupons can bring to your business. .

So give us a call or contact us today and see how mobile coupons can help your business and your bottom line