Print Mobile Coupon

MOBILE COUPONS offer the most economic and superior means of distributing coupons while delivering incredible results. A customer has your coupon on their phone then shows it to the cashier to receive their discount.

Sometimes a store wants to have a paper copy of the coupon as a means of keeping track. With Email Coupon home you can easily put 2-3 specials in your mobile coupon viewed on a phone. What about a full 8 x10 inch printed page?
Here is the Printed Mobile Coupon.
The customer simply presses the EMAIL COUPON button on their phone and a box opens up to enter their email address.

When they get home, they will have an email waiting for them. In the subject line it simply says “Mobile Coupon“ containing a link to click. When they click the link, a FULL 8 x 10 page with your coupon opens up for them. The top line and the bottom line gives PRINT instructions. Now they have a PRINTABLE coupon with a LOT of different information and coupons / sales / discounts / specials.
The coupon that keeps on working:
They can save the link to their computer FAVORITES and click on it each week for your new specials. You can change the content of the link ANYTIME, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or whenever.

UPLOADING a coupon is as easy as uploading a picture into an email, CLICK, BROWSE, Select your new coupon, CLICK, SAVE, DONE!!! The coupon is LIVE as soon as you load it. This is by far, the most cost effective way to send a sale sheet/coupon. You are constantly endeavoring to use your marketing budget efficiently to reach new customers and see tangible results, mobile coupons allow you to do that.
Implementing a mobile coupon campaign is extremely easy with our robust mobile coupon platform.
If you need help making the coupon, we can do that for you for a small fee. Just contact your sales rep or our office.
Remember, when you sign up, you get to try this and the whole program on our 30 day FREE trial to try out this and the whole program!!
We’ll even let you try it out free for the first month. We are confident that you will see the tremendous benefits that mobile coupons can bring to your business.