Join Our Text Club

A Text Club allows your customers to take advantage of your specials. It is safe, affordable, easy to use, and the best part is, your customers love it and appreciate it.

We will give you a KEYWORD, and a number. You simply put up a sign, (We have lots of samples). The sign says, simply: Join Our Text Club for weekly specials. Text the word: KEYWORD to the number Your customers JOIN YOUR CLUB when they send the text. (They can OPT-OUT anytime)

This is a very powerful tool. Your customers are waiting for your BLAST TEXT for specials. And when it comes, you will see the upsurge in business.

This is great for ANY business or organization that wants to get a message out to a lot of people that requested to be contacted this way. You will see the number of text club members rise weekly

Here are a few examples:

Great for Churches, Clubs & Groups: Send out daily event reminders, daily prayers, motivational messages, include upcoming events with each message.

Great for retail business: First, give people an incentive to sign up. “Signup right now, for a 10% discount today” The reply confirmation message will say, “Show this to the cashier for your discount” Then every week or two, send them a special offer. Bring in the phone to the cashier for your discount. Buy one, get one free, Rainy Day or SLOW day specials: Send a super special, short term, quick special such as. “Come in before 5:00 pm today for 15% off” or come in while it is raining today for a free _________

Restaurants: send out specials about 30 minutes before the lunch rush. Maybe offer a 2 for 1?, or a free drink? 1/2 price appetizer?

Cancelation Notices for Schools, Churches, Clubs, Organizations: have all of your members signup for emergency messages such as cancelation notices.