Do I need any programming experience to build a Mobile Website, using the ManageYourQr.com program?
Nope. If you can write an email and insert or upload a picture into the email, you can make a beautiful mobile website!

Can I put pictures in my mobile website?
Yes, the programs is set up for 2 pictures PLUS a logo picture. This is as simple as uploading a picture from your computer. However, one of our customers showed us how to use almost unlimited pictures!! Easy to do, but requires a simple art program.

How much TEXT can I use to describe my product?
Unlimited text in the BODY of the mobile site, and also unlimited text in the COUPON part of the site.

Can I link to YouTube?
As many YouTube Video’s as you like. You have about 20 letters to describe the Video on the BUTTON, although you have unlimited TEXT to describe it further in the body of the site.

What is the Text Club Feature you offer?
The BEST people to market to is your already steady, regular customers. The text club allows you to send a text to your regular customers, who are already familiar with your product or service. Send them a special offer that will cause them to shop your store today. Emails are typically read once a day. Text messages are read within minutes. If you own a restaurant and about 10:30am text to ALL of your customers, TODAY only, get a free drink with purchase of a sandwich, you will pack your restaurant full. People sign up for your text club on thier phone, and you can send text specials anytime you want. We recommend about once a week.