Manage Your QR - Features

Manage Your QR has dozens of features and pages available for your customization of your unique mobile website.

Below is a list of the most popular features with many more available.

Click on the feature to learn more about it and watch the video on the right to see them described in detail.


Mobile Coupon

Create coupons for Discounts in your store. Use graphics & unlimited text.

Find Us On Map

Google map with your location. Navigate using the phones GPS

Watch Your Video

With one click, customer can watch your video on YouTube. Post multiple video's!

Submit Form

Customer fills out a form on their phone, sent to your e-mail requesting response & follow-up.

Join Our Text Club

Send weekly specials to your customers by text! Customers will subscribe & look forward to specials.

1 Click-Call Button

With a simple click, customers can call you. No misdialing, or finding your number.

Visit Our Full Site

This button will take customer to Full PC version of your site.

Text or Email

One click for the customer to Text or Email you.

Make A Payment

Sell items: Tickets, Donations, Gifts, all using the customer PayPal account, with one click to pay.

Send Site Home

Your customer can send a link to your FULL SITE to their home computer, with one click!

Print Mobile Coupon

Customer sends your coupon to their home computer email for printing. The printed version can be 8”x10”

Social Integration

One click, customers go to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

QR Analytics

Find out when each person scanned your QR code: Time, Date, Type of phone used.

Custom Fancy QR

QR codes don’t have to be boring. Design your own, with your logo in the middle!

Bounce To Mobile

When website name is typed, instead of QR scan, Mobile site is displayed.

Tip Calculator

Include a Tip Calculator in your mobile site for your customers convenience.