Our experience in advertising and marketing started in 1970 featuring several innovative firsts in the automotive industry. Many of our ideas and products are still in use today, such as: lifetime warranty on brakes and spark plugs, still advertised by several manufacturers. We also have experience and expertise in infomercials and direct marketing of useful household products that you would easily recognize.

When something new comes along, we are on the cutting edge. We found the QR code was being used to attract people to websites. This was brilliant. But 15” websites are not made for a 2” cell phone screen. To see them, you had to crunch, scrunch and move the screen around. Larger companies had the right idea. They had sites built that were easy to navigate. But for small business that was just cost prohibitive.

UNTIL NOW. Our evergreen coupon system is affordable for even the smallest of businesses.

The site can be built easily by anyone who can send an email.
Simply log into the site, type a few words, upload a few pictures.

The site does the rest.

It will size itself, in the "What You See Is What You Get" Text Editor


Speaker Scott Stratten talks
about QR codes. (Very Funny)