What is Scan Pet Tag

When your pet is lost, anyone with a smart phone can scan the tag to get your information. Your dog will be home quickly and safely.
High Quality Aluminum Tags with a LifeTime Guarantee
No Annual Fees
Lost tag replacement guarantee too.

Here is how it works:

    • Simply fill in the information below
    • Within 7-10 days your Scan-Pet-Tag will be in your hands to apply to the pets collar.
    • Instant peace of mind. Your pet is protected.
    • Remember, traditional tags have room for your dogs name and phone number.

Scan-Pet-Tag has room for all the information needed to get your pet home safely, including:

  • Unlimited contact numbers,
  • information of medical conditions,
  • your vets name and phone number,
  • your dogs favorite treat,
  • vaccination dates,
  • license number and expiration date.

You decide which of the above

 information to include.

You can put a picture of your pet on it too!!

When the tag is scanned, your dog information instantly pops up on the smart phone screen!! Your pet is almost on his way home!!

Phone QR Tag

Dogs name:

Owner name



Owner phone (3 lines):




Vets Name:

Vets clinic name:

Vets Phone:

Rabies Shot date:

License number: